Kosher Health Coach

I currently work at home and at clients houses, helping create healthy and happy lifestyles. I utilize knowledge that I picked up on my own journey of healthy eating, and I love spreading my knowledge to other homes and women.


Kitchen/Lifestyle Planning

I feel like education is not enough when it comes to changing your lifestyle. I love to go to peoples kitchens and shop with them to really coach them through the entire process. As someone who personally went through the journey of creating a healthy lifestyle, I understand how important and life changing this can be.


Health Recipe Developer

Living Full ‘N Free

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to suffer! Creator of Rories kosher gluten free oat dough mix  and other Free ‘N Full recipes so you can enjoy eating healthy to the fullest.

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Coaching skills

Family Health

Personal Eating

Product education

Eating Habits

Chef Skills

Recipe Development

Baking mix creator

Group demos




Dr. Donald Zwickler, MD

MD at Endocrine Associates

 As a patient, Rorie Weisberg faced many challenges. I was initially impressed with her desire to learn as much as she could about making healthy lifestyle choices that promote proper hormonal balance. I was even more impressed with the positive results she has achieved. Rorie’s approach is a healthy, innovative way to achieve and maintain physical wellness…one that I wholeheartedly endorse.

Dr. Barbara Gordon Cohen, D.O.

You simply can’t argue with results, and as her functional medical physician I have witnessed Rorie’s progress in her own healing. Rorie Weisberg has proven to me that her program works! I’m happy that she is sharing her living full and free approach with others and I am confident she will positively impact the lives of those she coaches.

Rosella Menta

Pharmacist, Rye Beach Pharmacy.

As a pharmacist who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement, I understand how frustrating it can be for women to get their body balanced. The help that bioidentical hormones can offer is life changing. However, I always encourage patients to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to help their body heal and achieve optimal health. Few doctors can spend the time educating patients on proper diet and lifestyle changes let alone give them guidance on what when and how to eat to really change their health. That’s what I love about Rorie – she fills in the gaps that the doctors and pharmacist cannot address. Rorie doesn’t focus on what to avoid but what to buy, how to cook and what to eat. Rorie is intuitive, resourceful and cares so much about the success of every client.